About me page

Hi out there,

my name is Noah, I am 15 years old and live in Corinthia’s capital city Klagenfurt (Austria) near to the 2nd largest lake in this gorgeous country, the lake Wörth. This location is very fortunate, because of its proximity to the Alps.

Currently I am attending a bilingual class in the Europagymnasium Klagenfurt. Even though the school has around 800 students I do think that it has  good standard of education. It is considered to be an elite “Gymnasium” and has a good reputation in Corinthia.

In my free time I play volleyball and go cycling. However I also like spending my time playing video games or watching thrilling tv series/films. In winters I also love go skiing, as a proud Austrian would do 😉

I have 2 younger brothers, one is 13 years old the other one 6. Both of them share my passion for volleyball. My parents are doctors

well thats me, so tell me something about you 🙂